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Dr. Michael R. D’Andrea

PhD in Cell & Developmental Biology, MS in Molecular Biology
and a BA in Psychology/Biology, Black Belt in Karate

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  • Dr. D’Andrea had extensive laboratory, managerial, strategic, and advisory experience in many aspects of translational medicine, drug discovery, drug development, and target validation. Applications of genomic, proteomic, and histological methods to identify and validate biomarkers and targets.

  • Broad-based background spanning the therapeutic areas in the fields of neuroscience, oncology, the vascular system, metabolics, enterology, reproductive medicine, analgesics, and inflammation to include the development of in vivo and in vitro assays for the advancement of compounds.

  • Well versed in experimental design for the investigation of mechanism of action studies to elucidate toxicological adverse effects as part of safety assessment in pre-clinical models.

  • Over his career, Dr. D’Andrea worked as a General Manager of BioTek Solutions, a start up company who specialized in automating slide staining methods across pharmaceutical, commercial, and academic pathology laboratories. Thereafter, he was a Team Leader/Director of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D’s Target Validation Team for 15 years, and was President of Slidomics, a contract resource organization specializing in histopathological services.

  • Dr. D’Andrea authored over 100 scientific publications, 2 books on Alzheimer’s disease, over 200 abstracts, given over 30 presentations at international and national scientific meetings, and co-authored over 11 scientific patents.

  • Today we carry on his legacy & work to bring this treatment to the public. Michael D'Andrea (1958-2019)

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Robert Rose, Product Designer

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