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Zachriel Neurosciences General Summary

Why hasn’t the Alzheimer’s Puzzle been Resolved to Date?

We at Zachriel Neurosciences believe the Fundamental Paradigm to target Amyloid Plaques in the brain to stop Alzheimer’s is incorrect.


Our founder, Dr. Michael D’Andrea’s research shows “amyloid plaques” were once healthy neurons that died as a result of over ingesting amyloid (specifically Abeta42 amyloid) that leaked from blood vessels in the brain.


The Smoking Gun:  can be seen in actual slide images that show the degeneration of a healthy neuron overtime that has absorbed microscopic amounts of excess amyloid, leaked from blood vessels in the brain. Eventually destroying the neuron, causing further inflammation, toxic debris fields, and plaques all of which destroys more neurons while compounding the problems. 






The main root causes of Alzheimer’s and neuronal damage as Discovered by Dr. D’Andrea starts well before plaques are formed.

The 3 main causes are:

1) Microscopic leaking of Abeta42 amyloid from blood vessels in the brain,

2) Excess absorption of the leaked amyloid by the neurons, and

3) Inflammation in the brain caused by these complications.

The Zachriel Neurosciences Unique and Proprietary Treatment Remedy:  attacks the 3 main causes of neuronal damage early before all the complications of Alzheimer’s destroys the person’s memory and bodily functions.

  • The Triple Combination Treatment therapy trials can begin because ZN utilizes existing FDA approved compounds (medications) that will be “repurposed” as part of the ZN Triple Combination Treatment therapy to stop or prevent AD, Dementia, and MCI. This fact also makes the medication much more affordable for patients.


  • Repurposing existing compounds will speed up the delivery process to the marketplace by several years especially compared to the process of developing and testing brand new medications.   


The ZN Triple Combination Treatment involves :

  1. One or more cardiovascular medications to slow or stop the leaking of excess amyloid from blood vessels in the brain.

  2. One or more neuronal blockers to prevent leaked amyloid from entering healthy neurons, thereby preserving the neuron and what memory or bodily function they control. (confirmed in Study 1).

  3. One or more anti-inflammatory medications to stop or prevent inflammation in the brain from damaging more neurons caused by these events. 


  • Our unique treatment process to stop or prevent Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and MCI is based on over 2 decades of work and discoveries by our founder Dr. Michael D’Andrea (About).

  • Zachriel Neurosciences is also working with other research organizations to develop early detection methods of microscopic leaking of blood vessels in the brain. This includes potential retina eye exams and basic blood tests to identify when the leaking from the blood vessels first happen so preventative treatments can be applied at the very earliest stages.

  • For a detailed and visual explanation of Dr. D’Andrea’s discoveries and early treatment process please view the ZN video on this website (Video).


Thank you for listening .... Our treatment simply brings together the right existing medications to stop this deadly disease before it really gets started.... and with your support, we look to have the answers we need in just a few short months.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or to share your stories with us and others, thank you.

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