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Our Story



As Discovered & Developed By Dr. Michael D’Andrea

Ken D’Andrea -  President

Today the Foundation Carries on  Dr. D’Andrea’s Proprietary Triple Combination Treatment Therapy 

Hi my name is Ken D’Andrea, and I’d like to tell you about the Zachriel Neurosciences. We created this Nonprofit in New Jersey following my brother’s life work discovering the main causes of Alzheimer’s and developing a successful treatment to stop or prevent it.

The very first time he was asked by a major pharmaceutical company to analyze the slides of Alzheimer’s diseased brains, he saw “the evidence” of what was destroying the neurons, the precursor to Alzheimer’s. As an expert in molecular biology, and at staining slides, he explained this feat was possible because he was free to see and study the slides without any preconceived notion from “industry experts” on what Alzheimer’s was “supposed” to look like.  

We’ve included a video link in this presentation that explains what Dr. D’Andrea discovered are the main causes of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment.  Mike believed the best way to treat these diseases was to treat the causes of the disease and not the symptoms. This included the need to Diagnose It Early, and to Treat It Early, before all the complications of dying neurons, inflammation, and eventual plaque formation caused. 

For years he wrote books on what he had discovered, gave lectures, provided white papers to the industry experts to no avail. Finally, he took it upon himself to undertake a few studies focused on finding a way to stop or prevent what he recognized as the main causes of Alzheimer’s.

After completing 2 successful studies, he had the evidence he needed to know he was on the right track to stopping or preventing this deadly disease. He developed a Triple Combination Treatment Therapy to treat the main 3 causes of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and MCI.  Sadly, not long after developing the treatment process needed for the proofs of his treatment process, my brother who exercised regularly as a former black belt and appeared to be in great physical shape, passed away suddenly and shockingly to all of us. However, true to form he left us with the right treatment formula. Please read over the attached presentation and watch our detailed video to learn more about the causes of Alzheimer’s and how we can stop it with your support.

We believe it’s the successful combination of our 3 designated medication categories outlined in this presentation that will treat and prevent the early causes of this disease from developing into Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and MCI. On behalf of Zachriel Neurosciences and my brother who dedicated much of his adult life to solving this elusive riddle, we thank you for your consideration and your support.

Our Mission

Establish MD Brain and Longevity Clinics

  • Where people can be tested early for their cognitive health

  • Living a healthy lifestyle

  • The blood test biomarkers exams will be administered as part of the Health Care Clinic

  • Those identified at a higher risk level may begin the ZN300 Triple Combination Treatment

To Prove its Efficacy and to Bring this Treatment to the Public.

Dr. Michael D'Andrea (1958-2019)

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