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Comparative Analysis
Healthy Brains Healthy Body


Brain memory cells (“neurons”) are brain tools responsible for learning, preserving memories,

and directing the body’s functions.


Amyloid, specifically Amyloid Abeta 42 (Aβ42) is a natural, insoluble protein in the body.


In a healthy brain, neurons  produce and secrete Aβ42 among neurons as part of the brain’s  complex network, importantly within the brain and providing  just enough to operate efficiently.

Normal Healthy Neurons

Currently Tested Theory

Plaques Form Outside of Neurons


Current research believes neurons over produce and secrete Aβ42, which accumulates in the spaces between the neurons.

The excess Aβ42 deposits form “plaques” which kill the neurons from outside the neuron.

Logically, if you remove the excess Aβ42 outside the neuron you would cure AD...


     But It is NOT Working – Why ?

Neurons are Dying from Excess Absorption of AB42 within the neuron as a result of Leaking Blood Vessels in the Brain

Normal Healthy Neurons


Because Neurons  are Dying from Aβ42  within the Neuron


“Intra-neuronal”.... Not from Outside Aβ42 or “Extracellular”


Therefore the Normal  Slide shows 3 healthy neurons & the AD   Slide shows One Neuron and Two Plaques (once healthy  neurons)


ZNF Discovery - Plaques  were once Healthy Neurons

that were destroyed by absorbing excess Amyloid Protein, leaked from blood vessels in the brain

ZNF Comparative Analysis

To Past & Present Alzheimer’s Research


•Traditional Belief:   AD is reversible  (ZNF: No, AD is Not Reversible, once Neurons die they are gone)

•Popular Belief:  AD is caused by extracellular accumulation of amyloid as plaques in the brain that kill neighboring neurons (ZNF: No, AD is due to the "intracellular accumulation of amyloid protein Aβ42” in neurons that eventually die and can become amyloid plaques)

•Popular Belief: Amyloid is produced by the neurons in the brain that secrete the amyloid to produce amyloid plaques (ZNF: No, the excessive amounts of amyloid in the brain originate from the vessels via a dysfunctional blood brain barrier; over time, neurons ingest toxic levels to die and  become the plaques)

•Popular Belief: Amyloid, specifically the 1-42 form, is toxic (ZNF: No, it is natural)

•Popular Approach:  Target amyloid   (ZNF: No -Target the Blood-Brain Barrier, the Neuronal Receptor,  and Inflammation)

•The Discovery of the onset of Alzheimer’s and the Triple Combination Treatment Therapy developed by Dr. D’Andrea is based on over 20 years of research, scientific publications, 2 published books, and various in vivo and in vitro studies.

•Human Trials for the Triple Combination Treatment Therapy could begin immediately after the last study, because “repurposed” existing FDA approved medications can be used.  

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