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AD | Unveiling the True Causes of Alzheimer’s and the ZN Treatment Remedy - Headphones Thoughts

Zachriel Neurosciences Foundation 1 Final Lab Study Away From Confirming Early Stage Alzheimer’s Preventive Treatment Study to Take Approximately 3-4 Months Why the Alzheimer’s Puzzle Remains Unsolved Despite decades of research, Alzheimer’s disease has remained an enigmatic challenge. Zachriel Neurosciences questions the conventional approach of targeting amyloid plaques in the brain to halt Alzheimer’s progression. Dr. Michael D’Andrea’s Revelations Dr. Michael D’Andrea, the founder of Zachriel Neurosciences, offered a groundbreaking perspective. His research demonstrated that “amyloid plaques” were once healthy neurons that perished due to excessive amyloid, particularly Abeta42 amyloid, leaking from brain blood vessels. The Smoking Gun Compelling evidence lies in microscopic images showing the gradual degeneration of neurons that absorbed minute amounts of excess amyloid from leaking brain blood vessels. This process ultimately leads to neuron destruction, triggering inflammation, toxic debris accumulation, and plaque formation, further perpetuating neuronal damage. The Three Root Causes of Alzheimer’s and Neuronal Damage

  1. Microscopic Leaking of Abeta42 Amyloid: This leakage from brain blood vessels initiates the cascade of events.

  2. Excess Neuronal Absorption: Neurons absorbing leaked amyloid compounds the problem.

  3. Brain Inflammation: The complications caused by the first two factors lead to brain inflammation, exacerbating neuronal damage.

Zachriel Neurosciences’ Unique Treatment Remedy Zachriel Neurosciences has developed a groundbreaking Triple Combination Treatment therapy that targets these three primary causes of neuronal damage early in the disease’s progression, long before memory and bodily functions deteriorate. Final Pre-Clinical Study Zachriel Neurosciences is just one final pre-clinical study away from confirming the efficacy of their Triple Combination Treatment therapy, paving the way for international PCT patent approval. Successful completion of this study within the next 3-4 months will enable human trials to commence. Importantly, the treatment utilizes FDA-approved compounds, making it more affordable and expediting its availability to patients. Benefits of Repurposing Existing Compounds Repurposing existing compounds dramatically accelerates the treatment’s journey to the market, saving several years compared to developing and testing entirely new medications. Components of the ZN Triple Combination Treatment The treatment comprises:

  1. Cardiovascular Medications: To halt or slow amyloid leakage from brain blood vessels.

  2. Neuronal Blockers: To prevent leaked amyloid from entering healthy neurons, preserving neuron health and function.

  3. Anti-Inflammatory Medications: To combat brain inflammation resulting from these events.

Dr. Michael D’Andrea’s Legacy Zachriel Neurosciences’ approach is rooted in over two decades of Dr. D’Andrea’s work and discoveries. His legacy continues to drive our mission to prevent Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and MCI. Early Detection Methods Zachriel Neurosciences collaborates with other research organizations to develop early detection methods for microscopic brain blood vessel leakage. This includes potential retina eye exams and basic blood tests, enabling preventative treatments at the earliest stages. For a detailed and visual explanation of Dr. D’Andrea’s discoveries and the early treatment process, please refer to our comprehensive presentation. Together, we can change the trajectory of Alzheimer’s disease. Follow the Zachriel Neurosciences Foundation on social media:

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